We thank you…

Victory’s Banner is one of Chicago’s most popular breakfast restaurants. The Chicago Reader calls us, “one of the best breakfast houses in Chicago, period.” Several times it has been rated the number 1 breakfast spot by The Chicago Reader Restaurant Rater Poll. WTTW Channel 11’s program Check Please featured us and praised our “Zen-like environment.” WBBM’s Sherman Kaplan offered us a rare K Rating of 20 out of 20 andCenterstage Chicago states, “Victory’s Banner is an unrivaled spot for a.m. eats.” We are both honored and grateful for these accolades.

About Victory’s Banner

For all of those who work at Victory’s Banner, the restaurant stands as a spiritual expression. We exist for one reason and one reason only… to serve you joyfully. We hope to do this by offering the best food we can, prepared and served as devotedly as possible.

Yes, we are vegetarian, but you won’t miss the meat! We use the finest ingredients, like free-range eggs (no hormones – they taste better!), fresh fruit, real whipped cream and great coffee. We’ve attempted to make the atmosphere uplifting and peaceful. Even the sugar packets offer an inspiring message!

All of us who work here are students of meditation, and study with the Indian Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. The restaurant is a reflection of the impact Sri Chinmoy has had on our lives, and it is inspired by him. His philosophy encourages a sincere inner life with an active outer life. By meditating on the spiritual heart, he teaches, the seeker can discover his own inner treasures of peace, joy, light and love.

Any way that we can be of service, please let us know.

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