Eggs and Omelettes

We use Phil's Free Range hormone free eggs in all of our egg dishes. You'll taste the difference!

Award Winning French Toast

Our French Toast has been selected as one of the best in Chicago by the Chicago Tribune and Time Out Magazine. It was also listed in the New York Times specialty magazine!

Weekly Specials

We feature a special Egg dish and French Toast or Pancake every week! Here is our French Toast covered with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream.

Chicago's Best Veggie-Burger!

That's what Britney Peyton said on her "Chicago's Best" television program. Made from scratch in our kitchen.

Prefer Lunch?

We have a half-dozen different wraps for you to choose from. And our Neatloaf is a signature dish served at our restaurant along with our sister restaurants.

Homemade Soups and Salads

Our menu features 2 fresh soups every week, made from scratch. And our salads are made to order with freshest ingredients, superb cheeses and homemade dressings.

We are grateful!

We can not adequately express our gratitude for the support we have received from our customers and friends. Thank you!

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Rated: Excellent food, Superb, strong coffee, Everything else
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

We’re in awe of VB…

Everything we tried was absolutely wonderful, hot and fresh tasting. Our omelet was bursting with flavor, packed with goat cheese, FRESH spinach and peppers. The special raspberry and mascarpone french toast was delightful too. It came hot, was perfectly textured, not too sweet or tart.

A perfect breakfast isn’t complete without a few strong yet smooth cups of coffee. VB delivers, as with everything else. Big cups of strong, flavorful joe, the ideal morning cure.

The decor is light and airy, soothing even. Flowing shapes, soft atmospheric lighting, and soft colors definitely make for a relaxing morning repast. Equally impressive? The service – unfailingly positive, prompt and polite. Oh, I almost forgot, the prices are outstanding. I would have paid more, and still thought it was a bargain.

Overall, we can’t recommend VB enough. It stands alongside Tre Kronor as our favorite breakfast spot.